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Assurance Services

Our Services

We have set out a brief review of the major professional services, which we can offer:

Statutory Audit: IFRS / IPSAS

Our audit services consist primarily of examining clients’ financial statements with the objective of rendering our opinion on them for use in reports to shareholders, directors, trustees, government agencies, lending institutions and others.

We undertake a constructive approach in serving our clients, blending technical knowledge with business insight and providing timely communication of financial and accounting developments to client executives.

We plan our audit work around our concept of continuous, year-round service, under which each audit team performs a substantial portion of the audit at the interim stage to ensure no surprises at year-end.

Our audit approach places particular emphasis on the control of business risk and change, considering business process and their relevant accounting systems and computer environments.

Internal Audit:

We have developed our internal audit methodology and approach to be in line with the Institute of Internal Audit (“IIA”) standards as set out in the International Professional Practices Framework of 2017 (“IPPF”).

The steps of our approach in addition to the tools we use, will facilitate the execution of internal audit engagements that would be efficient, comprehensive and above all, of high quality. As stated in the executive summary, our team is poised to provide support in the execution of the approved audit plan as an outsource or co-source party.

Court Appointed Experts:

Court Appointed Guardians:

Our well experienced team play the role of an administrator of the inheritance and manage the properties of the deceased by the following:

  • Summarizing the assets/ liabilities of the decedent
  • Paying outstanding debts/ liabilities (if any)
  • Dealing with all the legal requirements of the inheritance
  • Helping to resolve conflicts and disputes among the heirs
  • Informing the details/ breakdown of money received and paid out to all the heirs
  • Distribution of the inheritance through agreements as per the law and regulations
  • To protect a minor’s right in the inheritance through agreements with Awqaf and Minor’s affairs Foundation
  • Distribution of dividends to the rightful heirs

Expert Appointed by the Court:

Our team is engaged by the Court to issue consultancy reports needed to shed light and emphasize focus on key matters needed clarification for judicial processes and hearings in the Courts. These reports include our unbiased opinion on facts with supporting evidences that assist the Courts in making their ruling decisions.

Consultancy Report:

Our experts are also engaged by plaintiffs to prepare a fact-finding consulting report that will in-turn be submitted to strengthen their legal position in their respective legal proceedings.